About Pippa Reid-Foster

About Pippa

Pippa Reid-Foster is a contemporary music composer and performer who works as a soloist and in ensembles. Recent collaboration with a Finnish performer resulted in a summer 2022 British/Finnish tour.

Pippa began her professional career after graduating from Scotland’s Royal Conservatoire, where she specialised in composition and performance. Driftwood Harp, her debut album, retained strong roots to her Scottish heritage, but the minimalist influence was becoming apparent. Following this, her composition Murmuration’s was performed at the Distil Showcase performances, allowing her to write for and perform with the renowned ensemble McFall’s Chamber.

Pippa was recently asked to write a piece for Issie Barratt’s Interchange. This is a new piece written for a ten-piece all-female contemporary jazz group. Pippa’s collaboration with Finnish kantele musician Eva Alkula has resulted in an exchange of ideas that has pushed the frontiers of the Finnish Kantele and the lever harp, two traditional instruments from different cultures.

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“Classy clarsach.….the harp can be simultaneously haunting and jaunty, and her virtuosity creates something akin to a rhythm guitar………showcasing Reid-Foster’s skill as a composer as well as a performer.”