Spring News

Spring is finally upon us, and how beautifully it is to see the sun, feel the heat, the birds and people laughing.

It has been an exceptionally busy couple of months for myself as I have been coming to the end of my Masters at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. But I can see the end with 4 weeks to go, very exciting. I still have my recordings to do which are a set of compositions I have written based on Folklore in the Argyll area.  So final stages of rehearsals are happening all set for the final recording session. I may let you here a sneaky demo once I’m finished.

The wedding season is definitely here, with many bookings through out the next 5 months, traveling all around Scotland to the most beautiful venues including Airth Castle, Edinburgh Castle, Linlithgow Palace and many more wonderful places.  I look forward to making each lovely couples day extra special for them.

Another exciting bit of news Heather Downie and I are running a harp course July 7th-11th in Helensburgh. We are now officially taking booking for July workshops. Lots of interest so get in touch soon to confirm your space. Adult and children’s courses available for all levels:  http://www.harpbazaar.co.uk/events .